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Elections – 2018

Elections – 2018

General Notice for election for the post of Chair (Elect) of HL7 India

Pursuant of the Rules and Regulations of HL7 India, notice is hereby given for the election of the Chair(Elect) HL7 India for 2018-2019.
All nominations may be emailed to

About the position

The post is for a tenure of FOUR years.

  • Chair Elect from 2018 to 2019
  • HL7 India Chair from 2019 to 2021
  • Immediate Past Chair from 2021 to 2022

Election officer:

The election officer can be contacted via

Important Dates for Consideration:

  • Announcement of the elections: 24/May/2018
  • End date for receiving the nominations: 15/June/2018
  • Withdrawal of the nominations: 15/June/2018
  • Election: 20/June/2018 to 22/June/2018. Both dates included
  • Election Result and AGM: 24/Jun/2018

Election Procedure:

  • Election will be held by email.
  • A standard template will be sent to all members. The template is to be filled and sent an email attachment to electionofficer@hl7india.org for collation.
  • In case multiple emails are sent by the same member, the last email will be taken into consideration
  • Any email sent after closure date, will not be taken into consideration
  • On the day of the AGM, the results of the email ballot shall be counted by one or more scrutinizers appointed by the Governing Council
  • The result shall be thereafter announced in the Annual General Meeting to be held on 24/Jun/2018


This post being the one that would ensure automatic takeover of the post of Chairman for 2015-2017 requires a candidate with appropriate experience, dignity and statesmanship to represent HL7 India.

The eligibility criteria for the present elections are as below. It is based on precedence, common sense and logic. Any concerns or disagreement may be brought up to the Election Officer via email as mentioned above.

If there are none in 15 days, the eligibility criteria will be taken as accepted by all members.

  1. A person of high repute in the society with good qualification in medical/ dental/ computer sciences/ experience in medical informatics or biomedical informatics.
  2. A member of HL7 in good standing.
  3. Should be healthy without any physical/mental ailment or deformity which may prevent him/ her in discharging the post applied for. (c) A person of high integrity with full dedication and loyalty to the association.
  4. Should have good communication skills, experience in management and good command over the English language. (e) Should have no criminal cases or public litigations pending against him/her.
  5. Must have been a member of HL7 India for 3 years or more.
  6. Should have minimum experience of 2 years as an office bearer in any post or executive committee in HL7 India.
  7. Should have contributed to the development or growth of HL7 India in the past.

Format of submission of nomination:

  • All nominations are self nominations
  • All people applying for the above mentioned post must download the Nomination Form, and send the filled up form to the Election Officer by email.
  • The Election Officer would ask for the confirmation by email/ telephone from the persons asked to second the candidate.
  • The Nomination for is to be sent to electionofficer@hl7india.org